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NCFRP Outcome Measures Study

Patients completing the Northern California Functional Restoration Program (NCFRP) evidence clinically-significant improvement across multiple dimensions of functionality, reduction of pain opioid use, and psychosocial/psychological functioning. For NCFRP participants that sought employment post-program, a significantly high percentage of them were successful.

Our outcomes measures studies evidence that individuals treated at NCFRP:

  • Significantly improve physical functioning
  • Improve emotional well-being; including depressive and anxiety-related symptoms
  • Improve experiential functioning: better participation in activities-of-daily living, greater participation in desired social activities, and greater quality of interactions with significant others
  • Have reduced reliance on opioid medications and other pain-related medications
  • Have significantly high return-to-work rate and adaptive changes to stationary/permanent status

Summary Highlights for Reduction of Opioid Dosage and Return-to-work Rate

  • Reduction of Prescribed Opioid Dosage: 24% average reduction in opioid medication dosage post-NCFRP
  • Return-to-work Rate: 71% of those seeking to return to work were successful post-NCFRP

To view the full report of our Outcome Measures Study, please visit the
Northern California Functional Restoration Program.