What is Functional Restoration?

As you are no doubt aware, worker’s compensation laws have changed and often to the detriment of your patients. Denials for therapy, medications, and alternative medicine procedures, are now more commonplace. The treating physician’s role has diminished and injured workers are often left without effective treatment. Delays and denials of treatment may make recovery and return to work seemingly impossible goals for our patients. The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2nd, Chapter 6, edition clearly advocates use of interdisciplinary treatment programs in chronic pain cases. (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2nd ED. Pgs. 92 & 114). To date, over 100 studies have been published in the medical literature chara cterizing the unique benefits of interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation. Patients who have failed multiple therapies, have changed physicians in search of an answer, who continually receive higher and higher amounts or narcotic medications, who have lost hope, are depressed, angry and isolated should be considered for an interdisciplinary program. When treatment options have been exhausted and your patient has no resolution in sight to his ongoing complaints of pain and disability, it may be time to consider a referral to the Northern California Functional Restoration Program. A recommended follow up appointment is booked with the PTP immediately after completion of program.

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